Serving in the Nursery

A couple months ago when Travis and I started thinking about babies, I decided I should sign up for the nursery to start practicing (or at least figuring out what babies do) for when we have a baby.  Today, Travis was sick so I got up and went down to church to serve in the early service.  I was holding a sweet little boy, Isaiah, who is almost a year old.  He’s a big snuggler (which is always fun), and he promptly went to sleep while I rocked him.  We both started to get uncomfortable after about 30 minutes – by that I mean he looked uncomfortable and my arm was asleep.  So I switched him around to lay on my chest.  BIG MISTAKE!!! Just a minute or two later, he started making a weird gurgling sound and before I could do anything I was COVERED in baby throw-up.  And by covered I mean from the top of my shoulder to the knee of my pants.  THe only thing about the experience I can be thankful for is that he hadn’t eaten any solid foods and it was just basically milk that came back up.  Lesson learned:  We’re going to get dirty and messy before this is all over.  Babies don’t understand that you just paid $6 to have your sweater dry-cleaned and said sweater now has a sickly-sweet smell to it – not to mention is slightly crunchy now that it’s dry.  Sorry – more information than you wanted, but it was definitely more info than I wanted about little Isaiah and what he’d had for breakfast.  Additional lesson learned – if your child has thrown up the night before as well, don’t take him to church the next morning.

I’ll post the weekly picture later tonight once Travis is up and moving around.  Poor thing – has been drowning himself in Tylenol Cold for the past 2 nights to try to get some relief. Luckily he’s been sleeping on the couch to not infect me or the baby.  I don’t want to get sick like I did right after we found out I was pregnant.  That wasn’t fun.  HOpefully he’ll be back to his old self pretty soon.


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  1. I love this site. It is great way to keep all the concerned (nosey) folks updated. Don’t worry about the messy part it all is such a short fun time. Enjoy every moment and I look forward to all your post.

    Love you Daddy!!!!

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