No More Tights…

I wore a dress to work today with some black tights.  When I put them on this morning, Travis asked me if I was squishing the baby.  I scoffed at him, “Of course not, they aren’t control top pantyhose for goodness sakes – just a regular old pair of cheap Target tights.”  I told him I felt more pressure when the nurse was doing the sonogram on my belly last week.

Turns out, if you wear the tights all day long it begins to feel more and more like they’re squeezing your insides out.  I’ve been nauseous all day long, and the only relief I feel is when I pull the waistband of the tights away from my body.  It’s made for some interesting gyrations at my desk while I hold the waistband, answer the phone, look at tax returns, and type on the computer all while trying not to fall out of my chair or pull a muscle.

Lesson learned: No more tights!  Do they make maternity tights?  I’m sure they must, they appear to make a maternity/baby version of everything – it’s quite the money-making racket from all these website I’ve been surfing.


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