Food Nazi

Not that I wasn’t already picky before I got pregnant, but I am much more so now.  I only like very specific things, and those specific things change from day-to-day and week-to-week.  About 2 weeks ago, I ate a big breakfast for 2 straight dinners and a breakfast in between.  For some reason, the grits, eggs, toast, and bacon made me feel like a million bucks.  I’ve also been going through a phase where I feel better if I eat something really substantial (like a meat and three veggies type thing).  Today, however, I have messed up.  I didn’t bring any type of food with me to work today because I was too busy enjoying my sleep this morning to get out of bed.  Since I arrived at work, I have eaten the following in an attempt to make myself feel good:  granola bar, yogurt, Pringles, couple handfuls of popcorn, and some pineapple.  None of these items appear to have done the trick.  What I want is….Macaroni & Cheese.    Looks like I’ll just have to keep dreaming though.  My sweet husband who would love to bring it to me, is so busy with his business right now that he can hardly see straight.  Instead of being slightly annoyed that said husband is too busy to bow to my every whim, I am trying to be thankful that he’s so busy he’s had to hire another crew and would love to find even one more.

If anybody out there has some Mac-n-cheese for me, I’m down here dreaming about it.

One last thing – I have not posted the 9-week photo.  Travis took about 5 different pictures of me earlier this week, but none of them looked even mildly presentable (it was my hair, not the belly).  We’ll try again for the 10 week photo.


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  1. You have always been a picky eater. Just remember you are eating for 2. enjoy the eating, before you were always on a diet. Can’t wait to see the new pictures.

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