Life After Tax Season

This past Wednesday (April 15th) was a day of celebration.  The end of setting my alarm clock every single day of the week since January.  Some people in our office took Thursday and Friday off to do a variety of things.  A couple went to the beach, some went golfing, some went shopping….and I kept right on working (but it was a different kind of work – manual instead of mental). 

Thursday at lunch Travis and I went to the doctor for my check-up which was short and sweet.  The baby seems to be doing fine.  We still haven’t seen “it” (as we won’t know the sex until next time), but it did have a heartbeat and we could hear it moving around a lot.  I’ve all of a sudden started showing in the past week or so, which means I’m definitely going to have to find time to go shopping soon.  Anyways, I digressed…

After the doctor visit and a stop at Applebee’s for lunch (I wanted California Dreaming, Travis wanted Outback – somehow Applebee’s was the compromise), we went home to start our next jobs:  prepping the house to be put on the market.

As Travis would tell you, it appeared that I was making a bigger mess rather than cleaning anything.  I had clothes strung from one end of the house to the other because I see no point in moving things I don’t want/need anymore to the new house.  I made piles for Goodwill, piles for winter clothes we won’t need until we move into the new house, and a pile for all the items I either already can’t fit into anymore or very very soon won’t be able to fit in.  Then I boxed it all up so “someone” could load it all up for me and take it to Cain’s Storage (also known as my very kind in-law’s attic who let us store tons of stuff up there).  I will say, after I finished our closets and cabinets look much roomier to a prospective buyer.  Travis thinks I’m crazy – he says that he never opened cabinets when he was buying the house a few years ago.  I told him that I bet he didn’t – and that’s why we don’t have much cabinet space.  Whenever I’ve gone into any open house while we’ve been looking around the past year, I open everything that isn’t locked.  Apparently, that makes me crazy, but I say you need to know exactly what you’re getting – no surprises later on.

Friday, we spent most of the day working outside in the yard.  Travis filled our flower beds with topsoil while I trimmed trees/shrubs in our yard (like I was trimming a bonzai tree according to Trav – who made fun of how meticulous I was to snip and then step back to admire, then snip, and repeat).  Then, we were off to Lowe’s to pick out flowers for the beds.  Our goal was threefold:  1. not to spend too much money (we don’t plan on this being our house for long)  2.  Buy something pretty tough that we won’t kill, and 3. Buy something colorful (the realestate agent suggested that).  Mom had suggested knock-out roses would be pretty hardy and could take the sun, however they turned out to be pricier than “the budget” I didn’t even know existed in Travis’s head until we got there.  We settled on a couple small azaleas in each bed with some annuals planted around it.  It has actually turned out really pretty – much better than the weeds we were previously growing.  I’ll post pictures this afternoon hopefully when I get home from work.  Anyways, now our biggest dilemma is figuring out what “semi-moist” means in plant-speak.  How wet does that mean they need to stay?

I’m sure you have all been riveted by our weekend, but it was productive for us.  Hopefully the real estate agent will be able to take good pictures of the house today, and it will sell (but not too quickly…or else we’ll be out on the street).  A big thank you to my in-laws who not only let us store our stuff, but who also cooked me two meals this weekend.  One I actually called and asked for (hamburgers on the grill Friday night) – apparently I’m getting very comfortable and treating them like I do my own parents.  After that I think they’ve decided to just have food constantly available for the bottomless pit their daughter-in-law has turned into because there was spaghetti waiting for us last night when we dropped off our boxes.

Finally, Travis did so much more this weekend than I did – and he even let me take several naps during the 3 days I had off.  Anything that looks good in the pictures I post – he gets all the credit since he did all the heavy lifting and took orders from my extremely long to-do list all weekend.


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