I almost forgot – more Athens…

While we were in Athens, Travis and I walked around quite a bit remembering places we used to go and seeing what bars/restaurants have come and gone and what has come up new since we were in town. However, some things never change…Athens is one eclectic city, from the cookie cutter kids that we were in our polos, khakis, black dresses, and flip flops to the scene we saw on Saturday night after dinner. We were walking up Broad Street to go get my milkshake from The Grill and Travis stopped to talk to the street hot dog vendor (they’re always friendly like that), who informed us that we were about to be in for a treat if we stopped to watch the show. He said he’d never seen anything like it – and coming from a hot dog vendor who sells on the streets of Athens in the middle of the night, that was something. Set up in the middle of a closed off street was a street fair with a big stage for music acts. This is how the show began…

Athens Concert

This is a man dressed scarily like a woman who was lipsyncing to Beyonce, and being cheered on by a WIDE variety of onlookers from Travis & I on down to the homeless man standing a few feet away from us. This was just the opening act, but it went on like this all night (I could hear the music all the way to our hotel room).

Athens is a strange little town, but I still want Baby C to be able to experience it- there’s nothing like it.


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