Weekend in Athens

We had a lot of fun in Athens this weekend. Technically, we went to see Erin graduate
Erin Graduating

However, I also went because it sounded so good to eat my way through Athens. However it didn’t turn out exactly how I planned. We did eat at a lot of great places (Bissett’s, Mayflower for breakfast, Last Resort, Little Italy, and even a milkshake from The Grill), but the baby is taking up a lot of room in my tummy and changing my taste buds, so even if it still tasted the same, I got full so fast that I couldn’t eat all of the fabulous food. Back when Mollie and I were interning for KPMG and gaining ourselves about 20 lbs (the equivalent of what a pregnant woman may gain – if she’s one of those unreal little petite women that only gains a basketball – we dreamed of what it would be like when we were pregnant. It was going to be a license to eat and we’d have cookie dough and all kinds of other fun stuff all the time. Real life has proven to be slightly different. Although I will say that I’m glad I don’t want to eat 10 cookies at any given time, it is weird for all your old favorites to taste differently now and for things you didn’t really eat on a regular basis to become your new go-to foods. The good news for my hips is that right now, I am starting to be more hungry all the time, but the things I want are actually pretty good for me. I assume it’s better to eat a whole carton of strawberries or half of a honeydew melon than a whole carton of ice cream or roll of cookie dough.

I know you probably all want to see a pic of the bump because it definitely seems to be getting larger every day. Here’s a head shot of me & Trav from the graduation ( just cause it’s not a bad pic of the two of us) and another one where my mother-in-law tried to pan down and get a bit of the belly – kind of hard to see in my big dress, though.

Trav & Jess TummyTrav & Jess

On our way back to Athens today, we stopped by to check the progress on our house – it’s a big cement hole and not much to look at, but it’s a start.

BasementStart of House


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  1. Jessica – you look great! I can’t believe how fast the baby is growing! Thanks for sharing the pics!

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