Practice Makes Perfect

Just look at the precious angel in the pictures below (no not Travis – the other one). That is Emma, my old roommate Mollie’s niece, and Travis and I got to keep her for a couple hours last weekend while her family went to a wedding. We had a blast, while at the same time figuring out that we have a LOT to learn. On the upside, we kept Emma safe, fed, and dry. On the downside, we did a horrible job of changing her diaper, figuring out how much and where to apply the Desitin diaper rash cream, we forgot to put her bib on until we were halfway done feeding her, and we bribed her shamelessly with these things called Puffs that she eats. Every time we gave her one she seemed to love us more, and we got more kisses, hugs, and smiles with each little Puff.

It was fun to watch Travis with her, and I am so thankful for a husband that loves babies and children. As soon as Emma’s parents left, Travis told me my “turn” was over and to give her to him. I don’t think he left her side for a minute until her parents came home and he had to give her up.

As much fun as we had, we’ve got to do some more of this training. We were exhausted after devoting all our attention to a nine-month old (and it was only TWO hours), and had to go to bed early that night. It’s a marathon not a sprint, though. For those of you out there with babies – we need all the test runs we can get. We can’t promise to do everything right, but we’ll try our best.

Travis Feeding Emma

Copy of Travis Playing


2 Responses

  1. Awwww!! Y’all are going to make excellent parents. I can’t wait to see little Baby Cain with his daddy! Precious!

  2. Hey Sweetie… you made me cry.. I love to see a Dad take interest and pride… y’all are going to be great parents and Baby Cain is one lucky little boy… I am sure that he knows now just how much he is loved. I am sooooooo happy for y’all !!!

    You are truly blessed

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