Father’s Day Weekend

We spent this past weekend in Waycross attending the Travis’s cousin’s wedding. Unfortunately, I left my camera in the car during the wedding so I don’t have any pictures from that. While we were in South Georgia we took advantage of the opportunity to only spend an extra hour on the road and traveled over to Hahira to see my dad and grandparents. Food was of course my main focus, and I wish I had taken a picture of all the food my grandmother fixed us – fresh peaches, strawberries, canteloupe, watermelon, and pineapple plus homemade chicken salad and ham sandwiches. It was all so delicious! Here’s a picture we took – unfortunately they put the big pregnant woman in her high heels front and center, but you can definitely see the bump making it’s appearance.House - June 013

This weekend we’re off to Atlanta on Friday for Travis to go to the Braves/Red Sox game with my dad. They conveniently couldn’t find a third ticket for me – I think I heard them talking behind my back about not wanting to take me to a game in 100 degree weather and listen to me complain. I’m planning on going to visit Adrienne and Baby Stu instead – I figure I can practice my baby skills while at the same time picking her brain about what baby items she’s actually using now that she has a baby, what the “must-haves” are versus the “wastes of money”.


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  1. jessica! you are so cute! this is a precious picture 🙂

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