A race to the finish line…

Not sure if you all knew, but Travis and I (more me than Travis) have officially entered the third and final trimester in our countdown to Baby Cain. We have also entered the final couple months in our countdown to our new home. I am desperately hoping that the house beats the baby to the finish line..and judging by the progress we are looking good. (Pictures of the house are posted below)

Last night, Trav & I went on a date night to see “The Proprosal” (after I promised to go see Transformers with him over the weekend – it’s all about compromise). As we sat there and enjoyed the movie, we realized that these are our final couple months of being able to pick up and go where we want, and take the baby with us without it crying, needing to be fed, or needing to be changed. Some parts of the pregnancy are so real – being kicked in the side all the time, uncomfortable sitting (or standing for that matter) for long periods of time, being bulky, and increasing in size by the day (both me and the baby) – but I am still having trouble envisioning what life is going to be like once the baby is actually here with us. I’m definitely not trying to envision labor right now – no need to rush the pain.

We’re also doing our last bit of traveling the next couple weekends before we start settling in at home. Travis has already started trying to vastly limit what I can do. Apparently he thinks that once pregnant women reach a certain size they should not be allowed to drive, weed flowerbeds, bend over, or leave home without their cell phones. While I think he’s slightly overprotective, I will confess that he had to help me up off the floor last night. I was painting some sheetrock we borrowed/stole/took from our house yesterday so that I could confirm that the paint colors we picked were indeed what we want. I made it down to the floor and painted fine (in a well ventilated area on small pieces of sheetrock), but I did have to be helped up off the floor because no matter which way I turned or twisted I always seemed to fall back down on my rear end.

In more baby news, the question we hear constantly (right after “what is the sex?” from people who don’t already know) is “do you have a name?”…Do I have a name? I have FOURTEEN names floating through my head but they haven’t congealed into a single first and middle name combination yet that seems to fit the baby. And no, we’re not really going to tell the options until we’ve narrowed it down. I think most people feel the need to tell you which one they like, and then what if we pick the other one? How would you feel….or worse, what if you don’t just tell me which one you like, but turn your nose up at the other one and then that’s the one we pick – then you’ve got egg on your face, or we just will always know you hate our child’s name. This is a good lesson Travis & I have learned during the pregnancy – if any of our pregnant friends do start revealing their name options, we always we respond with that’s pretty or that’s cool – even if it’s not what we’d pick. HOWEVER, when it’s finalized everyone will know, and we can all start monogramming everything in sight, and I promise we’ll know before he’s born – I’m thinking when we see him again in a few weeks at the next/final sonogram it will just hit us.

Pictures of the house are below. I’ll try to include one of me tomorrow. I’m having a pretty good hair day today, so maybe I can remember to have Trav take a picture tonight.

We've got stone now - still have to paint all the hardyboard

We've got stone now - still have to paint all the hardyboard

We have front steps

We have front steps

This is what all of our rooms look like right now

This is what all of our rooms look like right now


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  1. You are cracking me up! I can’t wait to know the name!! I’m going to be first in line at the monogram store! By the way, the house is looking great! I still need to get Jas to take me over to see it.

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