I’ll just keep this one…

We had a wonderful weekend in Atlanta visiting my dad and friends. On Friday, while Dad & Travis were at the Braves/Red Sox game, I went to play with the cutie in the pictures below. He felt so much smaller and fragile in real life than he appears in the pictures, but he is even cuter in person. I contemplated taking him home with me and skipping the whole labor experience, but Addy & Big Stu didn’t seem like they’d let me out the door with him. I was impressed with the two of them – they seemed like they’d been doing the parent thing forever. They’re such naturals. On my way home, I chuckled to myself about how different the two of them are than when they first got together back when we were in Athens. It’s fun to watch how they’ve changed and gone from those college kids to these wonderful parents.

Tomorrow morning I have my doctor’s appointment to take my glucose tolerance test. Hopefully I’ll pass and not have to go back to take the 3-hour test. I’ve heard that the drink is like a really really sweet Sunkist. At least I like Sunkist – but I may not after tomorrow morning. Tomorrow also starts an increased frequency in my doctor visits where I’ll now be going every two weeks until the last month.

Baby Stuart

Baby Stuart

House - June 019


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