Finally – a discount

So any of you who have built a house probably already know this, and I knew it in theory from watching my parents build two, but the general rule is that you always have to spend more than is included in the contract price on a house you’re building. Maybe some people don’t, but those of us in my extended and immediate family do because we apparently have taste that is slightly more expensive that what the builder has allowed for in his cost. Anyways…so everything we’ve gone and personally picked out (appliances, lighting, landscaping, closet shelving, mirrors, etc) has come out more that the builder “allowed” for us in the cost of the house and we’ve had to write some checks. Granted we weren’t over by ridiculous amounts, but we certainly never picked things out and had them call and tell us, “Guess what?! You’re under budget – would you like to pick something nicer or get a credit??” Until today……..

Travis called to tell me the appliance vendor called, and the double-oven we chose is backordered and won’t be here in time. Instead, we are getting about a $1000 upgrade (to the top of the line KitchenAid double oven) for free because of the ordering error!!!! It’s our lucky day – we may even buy a lottery ticket tonight!


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