30 week check up

I had my 30-week check up yesterday, and everything looked good. The belly is measuring right at 30 weeks, and the heartbeat was strong. I apparently had a growth spurt in the 3 weeks since my last appointment because all of a sudden my total weight gain for the pregnancy is about 20 pounds. I just about fell off the scale, but the doctor said it was fine since it took me quite some time to start gaining anything at all. I also have to up my intake of red meat since my iron levels have started dropping again – bring on the steak!

The doctor tried to see if he could tell which way the baby is laying, but he had a hard time because he said my abs were so strong and hard to feel through. Did ya’ll hear that??? Before this pregnancy I had abs – that Bikini Boot Camp was working! I need to go ahead and pre-register for after the baby gets here. (Travis laughed at this by the way when I got home and told him about my abs of steel, but I don’t care – the doctor has obviously learned in his vast experience, which Travis lacks, that flattery will get you everywhere with a pregnant woman and I will be recommending Dr. Cook to anyone and everyone). However, Dr. Cook did say that he thinks the baby is head down due to where he found the heartbeat in my belly.

I also asked about travel, and the doctor was fine with me going as far as Athens he said up until the day I deliver since I could get home quickly from there. I think Dr. Cook thinks I’m still trying to get to the football games, but I was really asking because I need to make a trip or two for work in the next couple months. Travis has already put his foot down about the football games, and doesn’t seem to be willing to budge on that point.

Finally – new tentative closing date on the house is August 14th!!!

I took a 30-week picture last night, but it was without make-up and my hair in a ponytail. Needless to say, the world-wide-web won’t be seeing that one, but I’ll try to take a better one tonight.


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