Instant Gratification

Travis and I both hate surprises. It’s not the we really hate surprises, it’s just that neither of us can keep a secret. Last week, I found a new pair of Travis’s favorite loafers at the store on my lunch hour. I bought them, then proceeded to call him and tell him I’d bought him a surprise knowing that he would pester me about what it was until I told him (which was what I wanted to do all along).

The same is appearing to be true for baby gear, as a couple weeks ago when the car seat we ordered came in, Travis had it put together and sitting in the living room before the Fed Ex man was out of the driveway.

Last night, we came home to a big package on our front porch, and discovered it was what we affectionately call “Baby Jail” – the pack-n-play. My sweet Aunt Linda, Kathryn, and Mary Frances had sent me this gift even though they won’t be able to make my baby shower that’s coming up. My first thought was that I should take it to the shower and wait to open it until then. That lasted through dinner when Travis kept looking at it from the dining table. He asked if I thought maybe we could just go ahead and open it (under the guise of making sure all the parts were there and it was functioning – we didn’t want to have to take it back later to get a new one if something had been damaged in transit). Since he was so excited, and I was secretly wanting to bust into it anyways, we spent the evening assembling the pack-n-play. It’s a good thing we didn’t wait until the baby was here to open it up because it took both of us a good hour to get it up and ready. That is probably a function of Travis hates reading instructions (but he’s perfectly content to let me tell him what to do once i read them – which I think is odd) and the baby is sucking my brain cells and I’d have to read each instruction 2 or 3 times before it made sense. Pictures of the finished product are below.

House - July 22 017

House - July 22 018

While we were putting things together, we figured we might as well bring down my old changing table to see what shape it was in. Unlike the pack-n-play, we had some choice words towards the changing table, but we both finally managed to get it together. It needs a serious new coat of paint, and I’ve got to figure out what to do about the brown shelves that came with it. I don’t think painting them white will look that good. Travis piped up and suggested we get a skirt and use that to cover them up. That gave me the idea that maybe I could find some cute fabric and essentially “upholster” the shelves. When I voiced this idea, Travis said that was what he had just said. I told him he had said to put a skirt on the changing table so we wouldn’t see it – but he said what he meant was take one of my old skirts and cut it up and upholster the shelves just like I said. All my skirts are safe for now, but I am on the lookout for some cute fabric that matches the baby bedding now.

House - July 22 016


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