Working for the man…

One of the things I love about Travis is how hard he works at whatever he does.

One of the things I love about Travis is how he has developed a bit of a neat freak nature in the past year or so (it is a welcome change from the bachelor pad habits of prior years), and he has a constant compulsion to clean or pick up anything laying around.

One of the things I don’t love so much is how he enjoys company while working and cleaning so hard.

Now that you have a little background, you will understand that the state of our new house has been driving Travis absolutely bonkers. He can’t stand the sight of a box or a stray utensil on the counter or a pair of shoes not in their rightful place in our newly installed shoe racks. As a result, he works hard throughout the day to unpack boxes (ones that I’ve given him permission to touch) and clean up around the house, then when I come home he wants to “help” me unpack my boxes. Last night’s endeavor was two fold – finish the kitchen boxes and start putting the nursery together. The kitchen was relatively simple, but the nursery was another story.

Travis considers it a defeat, but I think it’s a victory, that we only had to take apart and put the crib back together twice before we had it assembled correctly. To be truthful, we had it assembled correctly the first time, but we didn’t have it at the correct height for the crib skirt to fall delicately to the ground (it landed more in a clump with 6 extra inches). We are also having issues with furniture placement in there. Does the crib go at an angle or flat against the wall? The glider and ottoman appear to be presenting a problem because they take up so much room and have to be so far away from the wall in order to use the “glide” feature. We’ve moved the furniture all around the room, and at one point Travis suggested we put the changing table in the closet and change the baby there! We’ve finally managed to finesse everything in to the room, and now we’re just going to look at it for a couple days to see if it’s going to be functional as well as pleasing to the vision I’ve had in my head the past 8 months.

By 10:00 last night, you can imagine what my cankles looked like. I was miserable and told Travis I was going on strike for a day. Even Travis was overwhelmed by the cankle situation and took measurements of how humongous they were for a comparison to when I get my actual ankles back after the baby is born. When I talked to Travis today, he was at the old house cleaning and vaccuuming (which was supposed to be my chore for the evening), so it looks like I will get to put my feet up tonight, rest, and write some overdue thank-you notes.

Okay, enough complaining, and let’s talk about what’s going great. We love the new house, and still can’t believe it’s ours. The baby is growing well. I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and he was measuring right at 34 weeks. I had only gained 3 more pounds, and the doctor commented again on what good ab muscles I have (and how it’s hard for him to feel the specific parts of the baby because they’re so tight) – the man knows how to make you feel good when you have cankles and waddle around his office.


We survived the move…

and my marriage will probably survive if I can just figure out which box we put the coffee pot in! More details to come later, but I have a huge appreciation for Two Men and a Truck. They were worth every penny. Also, it feels like we’re living in someone else’s house. It hasn’t really sunk in that we own it.

I am loving the larger master closet, but it has allowed Travis to realize just how many clothes and shoes I own. Before, I had them stashed away in different places, but now I can have them all in one place – which may be a mistake.

Blog Slacker

I know I’m a blog slacker lately, but we found out last week that we are closing on our house TOMORROW, so we’ve been in a rush trying to pack and get ready. Plus, we had childbirth class this entire past weekend (more on that in a subsequent post). Anyways, I am blogging today because I came home last night to the greatest thing. A package had arrived in the mail (and Travis had of course already opened it). I asked him what it was and he said he didn’t really know what it all was, but I probably would. Well, I opened up these two big boxes to find that my cousin Delores had crocheted the baby 2 sets (one in baby blue and one in white) of the following: blanket, sweater, hat, bib, booties, and mittens! I was so excited (and Travis looked at me like I was crazy as I “oohed” and “aahed” over everything)!

Background story to the gift and why it is so special – Delores’ mom, who we called “Aunt Sister” & was my grandmother’s sister, passed away a few years ago, but she had always been crafty and had crocheted my parents a blanket for their wedding that I believe is still being used to this day (it was green and very 70’s, but I always loved it). When I graduated from college, all I wanted was Aunt Sister to make me my own blanket, which she did in varying shades of pink. I use it all the time in the winter when I snuggle up and read. Even though Aunt Sister isn’t here anymore to make the baby anything, it was just as special to receive Delores’ gift yesterday and see that she is carrying on Aunt Sister’s way of loving on those people she cares about. We love you Delores (and her husband Bob as well who apparently helped her with it all)!!

Party Pictures

My sweet roommates from college and our KPMG days in Atlanta, Mollie & Adrienne, plus their moms, threw me a wonderful shower in Augusta this past weekend. We had lots of delicious food and lots of my favorite people did Baby Cain and I the honor of showering us with their presence and some very generous gifts. Some pictures are posted below. I’m off to the doctor shortly for our first look at the baby since our 20 week ultrasound.

Adrienne, me, and Mollie
Adrienne, me, and Mollie

Mrs. Mary & Mrs. Susan
Mrs. Mary & Mrs. Susan

Hard to believe how fast the baby will grow into this cute outfit
Hard to believe how fast the baby will grow into this cute outfit.

My friend Kelly - Travis & her husband Billy played golf while we "showered"
My friend Kelly – Travis and her husband Billy played golf while we “showered”…Kelly is due basically any minute now.

He didn't get there until everyone had left, but that meant more Baby Stuart for me!

He didn't get there until everyone had left, but that meant more Baby Stuart for me!