Week Two

Week two is going well. Charlie’s Nana (my mom) left Saturday morning so we were a little concerned how the first night on our own would be, but Charlie was the model baby. He slept between each feeding and ate every three hours like clockwork. It was wonderful – Travis and I figured that we actually managed to get about 8 hours of sleep over a 12 hour period.

Yesterday, Charlie met his first great grandparent as Papa Ferrell (Travis’ grandfather) came to visit. Papa Ferrell pronounced him to be a fine baby! Here’s a pic.



We also discovered Charlie’s new favorite toy – it provides entertainment and soothes him to sleep.




4 Responses

  1. He’s such a precious baby!

  2. He is a beautiful baby!! I know how excited all of you are to have him to love on…what a blessing! Do you find yourself spending time just starring at him while he sleeps?? We can’t get enough of baby Stuart and I know both of your parents feel the same about Charlie! Congratulations to both you and Travis. I hope that I can see him before too long! Love, Miss Mary

  3. He looks so peaceful and tiny in his swing! Annabelle took every nap in her swing the first few months…it was the only place she would sleep during the day!

  4. I love him! We have the My Little Lamb vibrating seat and we nicknamed it the “Lamb of God” because it was the only place Elijah would sleep for a long time. Charlie is just precious:) I love you and am proud of you!

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