3 weeks old and a turkey

So lots going on in Charlie’s world. Most exciting for Mama and Daddy is that the umbilical cord fell off today, so that means pictures of Charlie’s first real bath will be coming soon (we’ll do it either tonight or tomorrow). Also, Travis has become part turkey I think. When I hang out with Charlie he is always wide awake and not fooled for very long by any of the contraptions I put him in (the lamb swing, bouncy seat, pack-n-play, etc). He’s happy for a few minutes and then realizes, “Hey – I’m here by myself and mama is over there not looking at me every second, so I’ll fuss until she comes and gets me again.” I know, I know – I’m a sucker. Anyways, I can give Charlie to Travis when he’s wide awake and within a few short minutes, he’ll be sound asleep in a dead coma almost. I’m convinced Travis must be emitting some of that triptaphan ( I think that’s what they call the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy).

We’ve been going on lots of walks lately, and Charlie is becoming so alert and really try to hold his little bobble-head up. He’s also developing quite the chipmunk cheeks – so no worries about whether he’s getting enough to eat.

We’re having a blast and becoming much more comfortable. Gotta go run now – Charlie’s calling for more attention.

3 week birthday 010

3 week birthday 015

3 week birthday 020


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