Little Victories

In the spirit of being honest about this new adventure, we had a horrible time at the 11:00 feeding last night. It ended up with me crying, Travis at his wits end because he couldn’t figure out how to help, and Charlie having a full-on meltdown because he was too impatient to latch on to me for more than 15 seconds. Our options were to let the child starve with only having eaten half of his usual amount (which he wasn’t really going to let us do – he was screaming at us), or I could do the unthinkable (all the baby websites say not to) and go finish up his feeding with a bottle. I just happened to have 2 random ounces of milk that I had pumped yesterday. I opted for the bottle.

Then, we decided that we should let Daddy get some sleep (since he is the one working right now), so Charlie and I moved to the nursery and the guestroom. I went to the guestroom because I didn’t trust the monitors for Charlie’s first night in his crib and nursery. I got him swaddled up and the mobile turned on, and went to my bedroom. I looked at the clock – it had taken an hour and 45 minutes to get him fed and down (It was 12:45 am). I calculated that I had anywhere from an hour and an hour and a half of sleep before he would wake up to eat again so I quickly put myself to bed. When I woke up to Charlie’s crying, I reached for the clock and discovered it was….wait for it….4:45 am – he had slept a full 4 hours (which meant I had as well) since I put him down and gone 6 hours between the beginning of one feeding to the next. He also had no problem latching on and eating at 4:45 or again at 7:30 when he woke up again.

I do realize this is a fluke and may not happen on any type of regular basis for another month or two…but I’m riding on the high of 6 full hours of sleep last night! And, I think we’ve officially moved him in to his nursery full-time and me to the guestroom for a couple days until I feel comfortable.

Okay, we’re off to play on our Baby Einstein activity mat – it provided about 20 minutes of entertainment yesterday.

Nov 006

Nov 005

Nov 007


2 Responses

  1. Oh girl… you are SO normal. Who cares what the baby websites and books say when you are exhausted. I’ve thrown them out the window so many times:)

    Charlie looks adorable and that play mat is awesome!

    Love you!

  2. I second what Amanda says! I have started using the books as more “suggestions” and going much more with my instincts! It can get so overwhelming and confusing because everything says something different!
    You are doing a GREAT job!!!


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