We had a great Thanksgiving with the Cain’s and Nana. Charlie was good and let us almost finish eating our turkey and dressing before demanding his Thanksgiving lunch. He is growing so fast and changing so much every day. He’s cooing, smiling, and laughing all the time. I thought I loved it when he was a tiny newborn, but this new stage is so much fun to interact with him.

I’ve put a video and a picture below. The video is from a couple days ago when he was flirting with me from his lamb swing. The picture is from this morning and makes me look like a liar above because my normally happy baby is crying and red in the face during our family portrait at the Christmas tree lot. It’s a shame, too, because it’s hard to get Travis and I both smiling at the same time with our eyes open in a picture.

We’re looking forward to enjoying the holidays and my last month off before work. We started decorating the house and shopping for Christmas presents last week because it is taking me much longer this year to find the time. Hopefully we’ll have everything wrapped up by next weekend and we’ll get to really enjoy three weeks before Christmas in a festive home.

We hope to get to see lots of you over the next month.


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  1. Oh Jessica! This just made my day! He is precious and I LOVE his smile:)

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