3 Months Old

Charlie turned three months old on New Year’s Day. We spent the day hanging out with our sweet friends Kelly and Billy. They have a little boy, Will, who is 6 weeks older than Charlie. Charlie has become so much fun and he wanted me to share some of his favorite things with you:

From Charlie…

1. I love to smile, laugh, and “talk”, but I prefer to do it when I’m not being held. Please sit me in the boppy, bouncy seat, or even lay me on the floor – then we’ll chat.

2. I love to stand up and see around – this is an exception to the don’t hold me rule, because I will laugh if I’m up and able to look all around.

3. I’ve just gotten the hang of tummy time…and Mama and Daddy act like fools when I lift my head up and grin at them. It takes so little to get them excited these days.

4. I like to eat – 5 1/2 ounces every 3 hours please.

5. I’m sleeping pretty well at night. I can go about 8 hours without eating, but I still like my diaper changed during the night. Mama and Daddy have tried pretending they didn’t hear me when I tell them it needs to be changed, but I just yell a little louder and they come change it. Now, I think they understand it’s just something they have to do right now. It only take 3 minutes, and I go right back to sleep, so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

6. I still love the morning. That’s when I do the most talking and smiling. Sometimes I get so excited to be awake and hanging out with Mama and Daddy that I can’t even focus well enough to eat my breakfast…I get too sidetracked smiling at them. Breakfast takes the longest amount of time of any of my feedings during the day.

7. I’ve made some friends – their names are Tilly the Turtle, Frank the Frog, and Sara the Snail. They hang from my bouncy seat and I talk to them during the day. I’ve also mastered my hand control and can bat them around to show them who is boss, and the other week I started grabbing Tilly by the tail or leg when she blocks my view.

8. I still love bath time, especially the little massage I get afterwards before Mama put my pajamas on.

That’s about all for now. I’ll be back at 4 months to tell you what has changed. Oh – one last thing…I weight 15.5 lbs. I’m HUGE!

Hanging out at home on my birthday morning

Will let me borrow his changing table.

Talking to Will

Mama - must you take my pic during the diaper change?


2 Responses

  1. Too cute of him and his little buddy, Will!

  2. Jess, what percentile is Charlie? I can’t believe he’s already 15 pounds!

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