One Year Ago

I just realized that it was today, one year ago, when we found out we were pregnant. Everybody puts on their blog about how much their life changed in that one year, and it is sooooo true. Things I didn’t know I could do one year ago:

1. Carry around a watermelon in my belly for 9 months (there were times I wasn’t sure I’d make it)
2. Deliver sweet “watermelon” – which gave me a new appreciation for my body.
3. Learn to live on very little sleep.
4. Related to 3 above, that I can be flat out exhausted, but that one sweet gummy smile or chuckle from your baby can give you energy you didn’t even know you had.
5. That you would be instantly cured of a lot of your selfishness (out of not only your own desire, but out of necessity) – not all of it, but a lot of it. Your life goes from being about you (and your husband) to completely about someone else in an instant. I used to surf the internet looking at shoes, clothes, and handbags. Now I look at baby toys, baby outfits, and baby development websites. I still would like the shoes, clothes, and handbags ( I just don’t have the time or energy to go chasing after them).
6. That I could love someone so much, and in a different way than you’ve ever loved anyone else. I love Travis, and we became “one” when we got married, but even that is a different love than looking at Charlie and knowing how this sweet, inquisitive, happy baby was made from nothing just for us, and knowing that he’s all ours.

Okay – so more pictures to come soon. Since I started back to work, I haven’t been taking as many pictures. That’s probably a good thing since I was about to max out my credit card ordering all the ones I took during my maternity leave – seriously, I probably went a bit overboard with the picture taking. Charlie has just now stopped seeing spots from all the flashes. I do need to take a few more, though, and find that happy medium.

We are having a girl come on Saturday to take him 4-month photos (a week early, but that’s okay). Hopefully he’ll be in a good mood. He is almost always happy and smiling, but I’m terrified that for some reason when I’d like him to show off that sweet personality, he’ll decide that’s the time he’s not going to cooperate.

More later.


2 Responses

  1. So excited for your year journey! You hit the nail on the head with your post about how your life changes and things you thought you could never do. It only gets better from here, just when you think you cant love anymore or they cant capture your heart anymore or they cant get any sweeter….it happens! I could go on and on. Then when you have the second, it starts all over again! Glad mommyhood is setting good in you!

  2. You are such a great mom, and we are so blessed to have all three of you in our lives! We love y’all and have loved watching and sharing this journey with you!

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