Yes, I know this is supposed to be a blog about Charlie…and it is. Charlie has a cold. It’s his first sickness since he’s been born and it’s been killing Travis and I to not be able to help him. He’s much better now after some TLC, but Sunday and Monday were not fun days in the Cain household. To add even more stress, our nanny had a prior commitment out of town this week and couldn’t work Monday or today. Then, since Charlie has a cold, he couldn’t go to Mother’s Day Out at the church yesterday. Yes, folks, that’s right – we were facing 3 days without childcare. Travis was about to panic, and I was panicking at the thought of Travis trying to cart a sick Charlie around with him while he works. Then, along came Elise. Elise and her husband, Corey, are in the bible study we’ve been going to off and on for about the past 9 months. After Charlie was born, they brought us dinner one night and Elise had been over to play with Charlie and hang out one day in December. Well, last week Elise happened to mention that right now, her PA school schedule only requires her to go to class from 8-9 each morning. I half-jokingly said that if she was interested she could be Charlie’s nanny the first part of this week – and she said she would love to!!! I have no idea what we would have done this week without her.

So this brings me to friendship. I’ve always had friends, but I’m not the girl on Facebook that is having to delete friends because I have so many, or the girl that has so many contacts in her phone that she has to delete someone in order to put someone new in there. I think I’ve always subscribed to quality over quantity. I’m the girl that would rather hang out with one or two other people than attend a big party with 30 people. When you get me in a large social setting, I’m not a sharer, I’m just content to be a listener. I’m not the social butterfly that Travis is. I’m content to spend time by myself – I even love going to the movies by myself on Sunday afternoons (pre-Charlie, that is). I think this probably all stems from being a shy child that didn’t like strangers…I still don’t like strangers. It takes me awhile to open up to people. I also have historically had a larger percentage of guy friends than most girls – guys generally have less drama, do not make me feel like I have to compete with them, and most certainly do not squeal upon seeing each other – I am NOT a squealer…can’t do it…makes me cringe at the thought.

Yesterday after I left Charlie with Elise, I realized that I have somehow come to have a large number of friends here in Augusta without even realizing it. When I first moved to Augusta, I was friends with Travis and his single guy friends. I would still travel to Atlanta to hang out with Mollie and Adrienne for my girl fix. I still love Mollie and Adrienne, and that history will always be there, and they’ll always be my first call on so many life events and mundane every day occurences (such as hot entertainment gossip, and who got engaged recently, etc, etc). However, it is nice to realize I have friends here in town that I can call to go to dinner or just chat with. It’s nice to have a group to talk to after church is over.

I don’t think I even realized it as it was happening, but I am so thankful for a variety of friends. Our sweet friends Jason & Kristen who love Charlie like he is their own and think he is the greatest thing in the world. Our sweet friend Kevin who comes over to play the Wii and ends up setting up my new dining room suit and helping soothe a fussy baby. My friend Elizabeth who works at my firm and provides some of the same rapport I had with Mollie and Adrienne when we all worked at KPMG together. It’s nice to be able to discuss work and be an accounting nerd with someone. My friend, Kelly, who had her son just 6 weeks before Charlie was born. She has been such a resource and a sounding board for making me feel that all these funny, crazy, and overwhelming moments as a new mom are not just me – that she goes through the same thing. And not to forget, Kelly’s husband, Billy, who is constatntly offering to carry the carseat or put the stroller away for me when Travis is not around. All the sweet couples in our Bible Study who have brought us meals, loved on Charlie, held him at different functions, and volunteered to help us however they can. Even those single guys that I first became friends with when I moved to Augusta – the guys who are now volunteering to babysit Charlie so Travis and I can have a night out (granted, they have no clue what they are volunteering for, but it is the thought that counts). Elise, who volunteers to keep my child when she could be spending the day shopping, hanging out with friends, or just sitting on the couch watching Oprah….and yet she has chosen to love on our family.

We are so blessed, and I should stop and realize it more often. We love all of our friends and are so thankful for all of you.


3 Responses

  1. And we love y’all!!

  2. I loved reading this and hearing some of what the Lord is doing in your life in Augusta! Makes me so happy for you. I love you.

  3. Great post! I am nervous about our friend landscape changing post baby so it is nice to hear that people will still stick around after the baby

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