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I forgot to post this, but last Friday around 4:15 Travis called me at work and with desperation in his voice asked when I was coming home. I could hear Charlie fussing (screaming) in the background. I packed up faster than I ever have before and was breaking lots of land-speed records to get to my poor baby. I expected to walk in the house to a frazzled husband and screaming baby. Instead, I walked in to this….

And here are 2 shots from when I got home from work last night. Travis said he had been chatty all day, and nighttime was no exception. When Charlie got tired of taking to Travis and I, we even called his Papa on the Skype account so he could chat with him and show him his tummy-time prowess (by laying on top of Daddy’s desk and staring into the camera and watching Papa on the monitor.


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  1. LOVE IT! I emailed this picture to Rob and his Wii buddy to let them know that they can still spend weekend afternoon perfecting their wii golf game and babysit at the same time.

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