I know it’s been a long time since I actually posted anything, but we just get so busy. I’ll try to do better. Charlie is doing pretty well. He’s teething (Travis and I both think we can actually feel it starting to come up – but maybe that is wishful thinking on our part), which means lots of drool and a sometimes cranky baby. He’s beginning to really master the rolling over. He was able to do it twice last night in 10 minutes for Travis and I. He really would rather be walking or crawling, though. During that tummy time in his room last night, he managed to scoot himself in a complete 360 degree circle. It made him so mad that all of his “swimming” (can’t get that belly off the ground) just resulted in a circle and not actually getting to me and the toy I was taunting him with. Since he also loves to stand so much, we put up the little doorway jumper last night. We had tried it a few weeks ago, but his head was a little wobbly then so we had put it back away. Well, he was ready for it last night…and he had a blast spinning himself around, jumping from one foot to the other, making faces at us, and of course chewing on the thing as well.


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  1. Jess- he is such a cutie 🙂

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