Blogging Hiatus

We’re on hiatus right now as there is not much sleeping going on in the Cain household. Charlie has RSV/Bronchitis and is on baby prednisone – which has him WIRED at all the wrong times. If I wasn’t so exhausted, it would be funny how active he is on the medicine (somewhat like he is on crack cocaine). I’ve heard of parents who have done it, but I was one of them last night – you would have found me at 11:00 pm driving around town trying to lull my child to sleep because nothing else had worked for 3 straight hours….more blogging once I regain my sanity.

For some cute recent pics of Charlie, check out this post on Adrienne’s blog.


One Response

  1. Oh, Jessica – I am so sorry! I know wheat a rough week you must be having! It is so hard to watch your baby be sick. Hope he feels much better soon and that you get some rest.

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