Travis makes me laugh…

Things he has said lately that crack me up:

1. He calls the 2 ladies that keep Charlie at Mother’s Day Out “Estee” and “Lauder”…he thinks they make Charlie smell like an old lady when he comes home from there. Travis has absolutely no clue what their real names are, and I’m convinced one day he is going to call them Estee Lauder to their faces on accident.

2. I had a craving (and no I’m not pregnant again – I just like to eat during stressful tax season) yesterday for some oatmeal creme pies. Travis was going to the grocery store, so I called to add this to the list. When I told him what we NEEDED, he proceeded to ask me if we were in charge of snacks at some little kid’s soccer game.

3. Whenever Charlie calls out or whimpers, Travis makes it a game and calls out “Marco” or “Polo” from the other room.


5 Responses

  1. he sounds so much like chris with the comments!

  2. oops i attached the wrong link

  3. He makes me laugh, too! He is crazy!

    On another note, I was craving oatmeal creme pies today!!! It must be a CPA busy-season thing! I had to stop on the way home from Washington today to get one (I actally got two….)!

  4. And, by the way, where are the promised pics of Charles?

  5. Estee and Lauder:) That is fantastic!

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