March Catch up

Some things I’ve been doing lately:

Aunt Michelle and cousin Jennifer came and babysat me for Mama and Daddy to go out…they were really funny,and I did this a lot while they were here.

I’ve also decided I like sitting up instead of laying down, but I still neede some help.

My friend, Will Hughes, got baptized and I watched and then went to his brunch party.

Andrew and Suzanne Moseley came to visit me and I had to tell Andrew who was boss.

You’d think with 2 UGA degrees between them that they could figure out how to help me teethe, but this was all they could come up with.

Mama has been making me try this cereal business, but I am not really a fan.

Mama and Daddy have joined a Bible Study, and some of their new friends have friends for me as well. Meet Sam and his mom April.

Sam and I did some serious playing on the Baby Einstein playmat.

THis one is just Sam. I’m trying so hard these days to be able to sit up just like he can.

It’s never too early to start learning how to drive.


2 Responses

  1. Love the pictures! Sam loves his new friend Charlie!

  2. Love these updates! Great pics!

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