Quick Update before I forget

1. Estee and Lauder told Travis this afternoon that they are having a hard time feeding and making Charlie nap at Mother’s Day Out because he constantly wants to look around and see what everyone else is doing. He’s afraid he’s going to miss something. He takes after his Daddy, who never wants to leave a gathering because something fun might happen after he leaves. (sigh…)

2. Some of you know about my agreement with Travis where I get almost complete control over what Charlie wears for the first year of his life (see previous post and the fabulous Strasburg outfit I found in the closet this morning – we purchased it last summer when I was pregnant and I remember Travis and I arguing with my mom at the time who was with us about what size to buy. She wanted us to get a larger size, but we insisted that 6 months would be plenty big enough for the summer. We couldn’t imagine our baby being big enough to wear that 6-month outfit. Consider this us eating our crow Nana, because I pulled it out of the back of the closet this morning and just about panicked that I would have already missed my window of opportunity for him to wear it. As you can see, it does fit, and I think we can make it fit a couple more months – I just might have to lower the buttons a tad). Anyways, back to my outfit control. Despite agreeing to this arrangement, it drives Travis absolutely crazy sometimes, especially when I put Charlie in smocked outfits and sweaters. I think it’s really the sweaters – they kill Travis – he thinks Charlie looks like, and I quote, “Like Granny washed and dried her sweater and it shrunk, so she sent it up here to us for Charlie to wear.” On Sunday after church, we needed to stop by BabiesRUs for some random items. Charlie was dressed in a navy/white checked John John with CARS smocked across the chest, white leather shoes (see picture in previous post) and a white sweater since it was a bit chilly outside. Travis took Charlie on in to the store while I was searching the car for my coupon. When I walked in the store, Travis was waiting looking both triumphant and dismayed at the same time. He told me that as soon as they walked in the girl at the checkout counter asked “How old is SHE?” Travis informed her that Charlie was a HE, and that she was going to help him win an argument with his wife in a second. I refuse to be swayed, I think the girl was just crazy. I mean, what self-respecting baby girl would wear navy, and clunky manish white leather lace-up shoes. Just because I hate brown and green and refuse to dress Charlie in those colors doesn’t mean he dressed like a girl.

3. Sleeping – I saved the best for last. Some of you also know that sleep has been an issue for Charlie. Well, not so much sleep itself, but where he sleeps. The boy HATES his crib. I do realize this is my fault, and I should not have indulged myself and let him cuddle in the bed with me so much that he thought that it was his bed. There were many nights I would take him screaming out of the crib thinking something was wrong, only to lay him down on our bed and he immediately close his eyes, roll over, and be asleep within literally 2 seconds. Yes, I hear all of you – BABYWISE, BABYWISE, BABYWISE. I read the book, I knew the concepts, but my heart just couldn’t stand those cries from a 2 and 3 month old. Now that he’s 5 and a half months and getting much more mobile and independent, I don’t view him as quite as helpless and pitiful as I once did. So 2 nights ago we decided to try the cry-it-out method. Night 1 went pretty well. It took 30 minutes of him crying to fall asleep (My heart still couldn’t take continuos crying, so my method was to let him cry 5 minutes, go in and soothe, then repeat until he fell asleep). He did that the first night, but after about 5 hours he woke up and we had another hour of doing the cry-it-out until he fell asleep again. I honestly thought that was pretty good. But then, last night happened. It took him 45 minutes to fall asleep using the same method (asleep by 9:45 pm), and then miraculously he didn’t wake up until 6:45 am. Now, I will admit that Travis and I didn’t sleep that entire time. 4 times during the night we started to hear a rustle or a whimper, and one of us went sprinting to the nursery to insert a pacifier, pat, roll over, or rub him with his “lovie” for a second. He never actually woke up at any of these time, but we were just trying to be preventative. Yes, I know that isn’t exactly “crying it out” and if we were fully buying into the method we wouldn’t have made the mad dash for the crib and would have just let him cry or stir around, but we’re new to this and so is Charlie. This was also the first night that Charlie has gone that long without a feeding. He had still been having one at some point in the middle of the night (you know he needed it – he practically looks like he’s wasting away all the time and that we never feed him, right? haha).

Okay, that’s our latest news. More pictures soon (but scroll below if you haven’t visited for a while because I have put up a lot of new pictures recently).


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  1. Yay! It sounds like a celebration is in order…that’s fabulous news about the sleep! He’s turning the corner!!!

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