Beach Trip/ Mother’s Day 2010

We had a wonderful time at the beach last weekend with our friends, Billy & Kelly, and their baby, Will. As a frame of reference for the pictures below, Will is 7 weeks older than Charlie. We had so much fun, but we definitely didn’t do much relaxing. In fact, when we got home Monday at lunch, we had a babysitter come and keep Charlie so Travis and I could rest for a couple hours (we both got sick on Sunday night and we both needed naps). We know why people take their nannies or the grandparents on vacations now…4 sets of hands for 2 babies was definitely not enough. One more funny story before I let you get to the pictures. Since Travis and I started dating, he has not packed for a trip. Seriously…for our honeymoon, he had no idea what he would be wearing until we arrived in Jamaica…that is trust. And I do a good job for the most part. Every now and then he might complain if I couldn’t mind read exactly what t-shirt or polo he might want to wear at any given time, but it’s usually only a half-hearted complaint because I did do the packing and he just had to show up. For this trip, since the girls (and babies) rode separately from the boys who were both golfing on Friday before the trip, I packed everything for Travis and left his suitcase out in the bedroom so he could just put his toiletries in after he showered before they left. Saturday morning in Edisto and Travis walked out to ask me where his clothes were – I responded, wherever you put your suitcase. His response, “What suitcase? You always pack my clothes.” Long story short, he basically stepped right over his suitcase leaving the house and just assumed I had everything for him – he just brought his toiletries and the clothes/shoes on his back. We also had 4 polo shirts that I had packed with my hang-up clothes. I will give him credit that he took it like a trooper (which I think he should because it was his fault for not listening to me each time I said “put your toiletries in with your suitcase that is on the floor of the bedroom before you leave”), and Charlie and I spent an hour on Saturday searching for Daddy a bathing suit and a hat. I will just say it’s a good thing we were at a condo with a washer/dryer instead of a hotel because that one pair of shorts and boxers got quite the washing during the weekend. For our trip to Hahira this past weekend, he made sure he had the suitcase (and the goodness was we didn’t have to pack for him – we just took the same suitcase from last weekend that never got used).

Here are the pictures:

Ready to hit the road.

Ready to Go

Pacifier Twins

Pacifier Twins

Taste-Testing Will’s Toy

Taste Testing

Having a Stare Down

Hanging out With Daddy

On the Beach

The Hughes Family

Let Me See That Camera!!!

The only time Charlie can be considered petite:

Will going after his mama


One Response

  1. Ok, so your story about the suitcase sounds EXACTLY like something my husband would do….even after telling him a hundred times “don’t forget to pack your toiletries in the suitcase before leaving.” Men! Sometimes I wonder how they even made it to be adults. LOL! I’m just glad I’m not alone. 🙂

    Love the pictures. Charlie just gets cuter and cuter!!! How did you like the cabana (we just bought the same one)? Jason and I have been practicing with ours and making sure we’ve mastered the “folding”…not quite as easy as the package makes it sound, but I think we’re close to getting it!

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