A night in the life of Charlie (and his mama)

CAUTION: Looking at these pictures may exhaust you, but they will show you how much fun this sweet little boy is right now. He is so much fun to play with, chase, have crawl races down the hall, etc. Not sure I’m ready for walking yet, but I don’t think it’s giong to be too much longer – he’s already walking behind his little push toy all over the place. Enjoy the pics.

We watch Dana leave, We watch the neighbors - we're nosy!

What Mom? I'm busy snooping.

I love my rocking chair, and having Mama chase me around it!

Jail Bird

Can't get me down - I have to climb - I have to stand!

Mama, can we read this one tonight before bed?

I love a good cord! Why do you keep taking them away from me?

Getting ready to take a bath with a little naked playtime

Doesn't everybody drive without their clothes on?

I'll be back for the 2 of you after my bath!


3 Responses

  1. SO precious! I love to see this little boy grow! I want to meet him so badly!

  2. Jessica, he is adorable and growing up way too fast!! I know you are just having so much fun!

  3. Enjoyed experiencing “a night in the life of Charlie” for myself tonight! Love that little boy!

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