Daylight Savings Time…I Love you

While the rest of you probably are slightly ambivalent about the change to daylight savings time (yes, it’s nice for it to be light outside later, but you do have to essentially get up an hour earlier after the change), in the Cain household, we did a celebration dance. Travis was the one to realize it, so we’ll give him all the credit, but I jumped on the bandwagon in a millisecond.

Since I haven’t been updating the blog regularly, all my internet friends don’t know that while we finally got Charlie to sleep all night in his crib back in January (which was a huge blessing), Charlie’s version of all night was 8:00 until about 4:45 am….which we think is still middle of the night, but Charlie thinks it’s broad daylight. You should have seen Travis and I alternating mornings the past couple months like two blind people staggering to the refrigerator to get milk and a granola bar for Charlie who demands on eating as soon as he wakes up. Then we have become those parents…yes those, we turn on whatever Chuggington, Sesame Street, Jungle Junction, or Special Agent Oso we can find and attempt to half-sleep for another hour while Charlie watches tv.

Alas…back to my story…for the Cain family, daylight savings time means that Charlie has a new 9:00 bed time (more time to see Mama in the evening since it’s tax season right now) and that he sleeps in a little later – this morning, it was 6:30…how great is that! Now, if I can just reprogram my body to stop waking up at 4:30 and trying to go get milk in a half-slumbering state.

Otherwise we are all well…just hoping to make it these next few weeks until tax season is over. Then I’ll be back to blogging – I promise.


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