Good Weekend – Dawgs Win! Charlie gets a pumpkin!

I am missing a big weekend – our trip to Hahira for the Honeybee Festival, but those pics are on Trav’s fancy new IMac computer that I don’t quite know how to operate yet – I’m a Windows girl. But I will figure it out soon. This weekend we hung out as a family a lot. Watching the UGA game, and going to the pumpkin patch.

Tired of being scrunched between 2 giant pumpkins


First Birthday in Pictures

Waiting for the jack-in-the box to jump out

Happy Birthday Boy!

Rare photo of Mama and Charlie

Checking out my new Legos

Can you tell he had a sugar high?

Testing out his new wagon with Will

Family pic with a sleepy little boy

Happy Family!

Aunt Erin even made the trip from Atlanta

Jack (or Jill in this case) of all Trades

I know I’ve mentioned our sweet nanny, Dana, in passing on the blog. Charlie LOVES her. Seriously….thinks she hangs the moon. Travis is all excited because Charlie says Da-Da, but I’m not sure he isn’t really saying Da-Na. Anyways, apparently Dana is more than just a baby whisper, but she is a talented photographer as well. She sent me these photos of Charlie which she doctored up and made quite artsy (and you can see how much fun he has with her). Love love love them…and love her for taking such good care and loving our sweet baby so much.

Play Dates

Charlie is pretty social, but we don’t really go on very many play dates so that I can hang out with other parents as well. This weekend we met up with Billy, Kelly, and Will to play. Bill, Kelly, Travis, and I spend a good bit of time together, but it is seldom with the babies (unless they are sleeping). I think it was an overwhelming success and hope we do it again soon.

What a trooper Billy was for playing with two little boys and two women on a Saturday afternoon.

Charlie loved playing in Will’s wagon.

This is Billy thanking his lucky stars that he & Kelly didn’t have twins.

Playing in the bubbles.

My sweet boy

We’re pretty partial to Will, too..

Wondering why we are constantly hovering with our cameras.

Just hanging out

Why is it that he likes other people’s toys better than his own?!?!?

Still enjoying Will’s Lego Dump Truck

Parenting begins…trying to teach the two of them to share.

Getting too cool to be a baby – wanted to sit in this big boy chair by himself.

And not technically part of the playdate, but he did supervise Daddy cleaning the golf cart after he’d muddied it up at the farm this weekend. Aren’t they two peas in a pod?

Relaxing Outside

It’s been so stinking hot this summer that we haven’t been outside very much, but last night Charlie and I went outside to oversee Daddy blowing off the driveway after he had mowed the grass and we had an impromptu photo shoot while we were there. Charlie is almost 11 months old and has really mastered the walking. He spends a lot of time toting random household objects around with him (a hair dryer, curling iron, cell phone, the tv remote). He has 7 teeth now, but still no real desire to eat big boy food (other than his Puffs and crackers)- I have tried scrambled eggs, honeydew, peaches, strawberries, peas…all to no avail. Hopefully he will not be 4 years old and eating baby food. We are excited about a weekend at home finally and baby Fraser who turned 2 weeks old yesterday is coming to visit with us this afternoon. I can’t wait to see them and show Charlie what a sweet little tiny baby girl looks like.

Hilton Head Part 2

These were all taken inside because we didn’t want to ruin our fancy camera on the beach and my dad forgot the cord to his camera and I couldn’t upload his photos.

Hilton Head Part 1 – in pictures

I was worried, but he has taken to the beach – he doesn’t mind getting sandy (or getting his mama sandy for that matter – I’ve never in my life felt so disgusting and gritty)…and he loves to get out in the ocean and ride the swells.