Still hanging around…

We are officially one week away from my due date as of today. Despite my fervent prayers and pleas to Charlie to make an appearance and put me out of my waddling misery, he is still snug as a bug inside of me. Turns out that is probably a good thing, though. Travis and I both got sick last week (Travis started a couple days before me, and I’m still trying to get rid of it), so we were in no shape to invade the hospital and try to deliver and take care of a baby just yet. Trav was fabulous at having a sick and very pregnant wife. While I would have probably been a little resentful, he spent all day Saturday making sure I was sleeping, drinking lots of fluid, and chugging Tylenol Cold while he spent the day vaccuuming, dusting, doing dishes, and even doing all the laundry. He did way more than his share of the chores – all without complaining once. I would have married him all over again if I could have.

Back to Charlie, he appears to be growing well – my belly was measuring 38 cm at my appointment last Thursday. Dr. Cook said he felt like he weighed about 7lbs at that point – still not sure how reliable one can be on someone just holding your belly and telling you what he thinks your baby weighs – seems like a shot in the dark to me. His heartbeat is a strong 136 – which is basically what it always is every single time I go. My c(ankles) are still ridiculously swollen every day by the time I get home, but my blood pressure is still low (I’m naturally a 110/70 range) so no real concern there. My only real problem is that I can’t seem to buy myself even a cm of dilation. I know several girls due up to a week and a half after me who are walking around anywhere from 1 – 3 cm dilated. I never thought I’d be so jealous of a cm.

I’m still working, mainly because I don’t know what else I’d do with myself if I didn’t other than sit on the couch, drive Travis crazy, and probably make a mess in our nice clean house. I have been leaving at around 2:30 this week and going home to take a nap in the afternoon. I’m planning to gradually scale back this week, and Friday will be my official last day of work before the baby.

In other news, I have grown out of the majority of my maternity clothes, including my favorite (only) pair of maternity jeans. I wore them to the grocery store for an hour on Sunday and thought I was going to pass out before I could get home and take them off. It’s dresses only from here on out because I refuse to go buy anything new for just one week. However, every time I start to feel so huge and bulky, someone says something nice to me. The lady at the grocery store couldn’t believe I only had about a week until the baby (either she meant that I looked small or she meant that she couldn’t believe I was out and about – I’m choosing the first to make myself feel better). The true compliment came from my grandmother, who always tells it like it is (right, Mollie?). If anyone is going to tell the truth, it’s her. When she saw my last picture post, she called and told me that I didn’t look nearly as big as she expected and not wide at all. I think she really meant it and wasn’t just trying to butter me up in case Dad ever tries to put her in the “home” 🙂

I’ll end with the phone calls, which have become rather funny. I cannot call ANYONE without them thinking that I’m in labor, and most people even answer with “Are you in labor?”. I am notorious for calling people and not leaving a voicemail (this is usually because I don’t really have anything valuable to say, I’m just calling to chat), and it is driving both my parents bonkers. My mom told me that I can’t leave her a missed call and then not answer when she calls back. In order to avoid confusion, I’ve told her that if I am in labor that will be an important enough event that I will actually leave a message. I think that’s reasonable.

My next doctor’s appointment is on Thursday, maybe I’ll have some good news to report on the dilation front then. Thanks for reading, commenting, and making the past nine months so much fun. We can’t wait to change this from a pregnancy blog to a baby blog.


Somewhere between 38 and 39 weeks…

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I’ve been exhausted getting everything ready in the house, finalizing a lot of projects at work, and just trying to find time to sleep. But here’s what you’ve been waiting for…pics of the large belly….

Side View

Side View

Front View

Front View