Charlie with his Mobile

Warning: Travis got carried away and the video is really long…unless you’re our parents, you may want to skip.


Charlie (Brown) and the Great Pumpkin


Charlie’s movie debut

3 weeks old and a turkey

So lots going on in Charlie’s world. Most exciting for Mama and Daddy is that the umbilical cord fell off today, so that means pictures of Charlie’s first real bath will be coming soon (we’ll do it either tonight or tomorrow). Also, Travis has become part turkey I think. When I hang out with Charlie he is always wide awake and not fooled for very long by any of the contraptions I put him in (the lamb swing, bouncy seat, pack-n-play, etc). He’s happy for a few minutes and then realizes, “Hey – I’m here by myself and mama is over there not looking at me every second, so I’ll fuss until she comes and gets me again.” I know, I know – I’m a sucker. Anyways, I can give Charlie to Travis when he’s wide awake and within a few short minutes, he’ll be sound asleep in a dead coma almost. I’m convinced Travis must be emitting some of that triptaphan ( I think that’s what they call the stuff in turkey that makes you sleepy).

We’ve been going on lots of walks lately, and Charlie is becoming so alert and really try to hold his little bobble-head up. He’s also developing quite the chipmunk cheeks – so no worries about whether he’s getting enough to eat.

We’re having a blast and becoming much more comfortable. Gotta go run now – Charlie’s calling for more attention.

3 week birthday 010

3 week birthday 015

3 week birthday 020

A full weekend for Charlie…

Some pics of Charlie’s weekend spent watching football and lounging around the house.

Focusing intently on spurring the Dawgs on to victory (to prove he’s not a curse on the Dawgs as they had lost the past two games since he’d come into the world):

Week 3 003

One of Charlie’s favorite places, particularly while Mom and Dad eat. He’s been wonderful to let us actually have meals together:

Week 3 007

Charlie Update – 2 weeks

Charlie is two weeks old today, and we went to the pediatrician this morning. Our 8:50 appointment meant that I had to get up at 6:45 in order to get myself ready before it was time to feed Charlie and get him dressed. It was worth it, though, because he was a model patient at the doctor’s office (well…almost…more on that in a minute). He’s definitely a growing boy – he’s gone from 7 lbs 1 oz when he was born (he had dropped to 6 lbs 11 oz when we took him home from the hospital) to a whopping 8 lbs 5 oz. The doctor was very impressed with out little chub, and it made my question about whether he was getting enough to eat a little moot. He’s also grown an inch, but that could be some measuring differences. I said he was a model patient, but I didn’t mention our one mishap – Charlie had a full diaper so Travis was changing it while I talked with the pediatrician when I heard “Uh oh”. We looked over and Charlie had peepeed EVERYWHERE – all over the examining table and ruined the diaper that Travis was trying to put on him. Good thing I’ve been packing everything in the diaper bag in triplicate!

Here are some pics from the doctor’s office:

Getting weighed

Getting weighed

Not loving being without his clothes

Not loving being without his clothes

We have also started trying to do a little tummy time, but Charlie’s version of tummy time isn’t quite as active as I imagine it will eventually be. He basically just collapses like a limp noodle.

week 2 003week 2 006

And lastly, one with me because I’m usually the one taking all the pictures:
week 2 008

Week Two

Week two is going well. Charlie’s Nana (my mom) left Saturday morning so we were a little concerned how the first night on our own would be, but Charlie was the model baby. He slept between each feeding and ate every three hours like clockwork. It was wonderful – Travis and I figured that we actually managed to get about 8 hours of sleep over a 12 hour period.

Yesterday, Charlie met his first great grandparent as Papa Ferrell (Travis’ grandfather) came to visit. Papa Ferrell pronounced him to be a fine baby! Here’s a pic.



We also discovered Charlie’s new favorite toy – it provides entertainment and soothes him to sleep.