Food Nazi

Not that I wasn’t already picky before I got pregnant, but I am much more so now.  I only like very specific things, and those specific things change from day-to-day and week-to-week.  About 2 weeks ago, I ate a big breakfast for 2 straight dinners and a breakfast in between.  For some reason, the grits, eggs, toast, and bacon made me feel like a million bucks.  I’ve also been going through a phase where I feel better if I eat something really substantial (like a meat and three veggies type thing).  Today, however, I have messed up.  I didn’t bring any type of food with me to work today because I was too busy enjoying my sleep this morning to get out of bed.  Since I arrived at work, I have eaten the following in an attempt to make myself feel good:  granola bar, yogurt, Pringles, couple handfuls of popcorn, and some pineapple.  None of these items appear to have done the trick.  What I want is….Macaroni & Cheese.    Looks like I’ll just have to keep dreaming though.  My sweet husband who would love to bring it to me, is so busy with his business right now that he can hardly see straight.  Instead of being slightly annoyed that said husband is too busy to bow to my every whim, I am trying to be thankful that he’s so busy he’s had to hire another crew and would love to find even one more.

If anybody out there has some Mac-n-cheese for me, I’m down here dreaming about it.

One last thing – I have not posted the 9-week photo.  Travis took about 5 different pictures of me earlier this week, but none of them looked even mildly presentable (it was my hair, not the belly).  We’ll try again for the 10 week photo.


No More Tights…

I wore a dress to work today with some black tights.  When I put them on this morning, Travis asked me if I was squishing the baby.  I scoffed at him, “Of course not, they aren’t control top pantyhose for goodness sakes – just a regular old pair of cheap Target tights.”  I told him I felt more pressure when the nurse was doing the sonogram on my belly last week.

Turns out, if you wear the tights all day long it begins to feel more and more like they’re squeezing your insides out.  I’ve been nauseous all day long, and the only relief I feel is when I pull the waistband of the tights away from my body.  It’s made for some interesting gyrations at my desk while I hold the waistband, answer the phone, look at tax returns, and type on the computer all while trying not to fall out of my chair or pull a muscle.

Lesson learned: No more tights!  Do they make maternity tights?  I’m sure they must, they appear to make a maternity/baby version of everything – it’s quite the money-making racket from all these website I’ve been surfing.

Serving in the Nursery

A couple months ago when Travis and I started thinking about babies, I decided I should sign up for the nursery to start practicing (or at least figuring out what babies do) for when we have a baby.  Today, Travis was sick so I got up and went down to church to serve in the early service.  I was holding a sweet little boy, Isaiah, who is almost a year old.  He’s a big snuggler (which is always fun), and he promptly went to sleep while I rocked him.  We both started to get uncomfortable after about 30 minutes – by that I mean he looked uncomfortable and my arm was asleep.  So I switched him around to lay on my chest.  BIG MISTAKE!!! Just a minute or two later, he started making a weird gurgling sound and before I could do anything I was COVERED in baby throw-up.  And by covered I mean from the top of my shoulder to the knee of my pants.  THe only thing about the experience I can be thankful for is that he hadn’t eaten any solid foods and it was just basically milk that came back up.  Lesson learned:  We’re going to get dirty and messy before this is all over.  Babies don’t understand that you just paid $6 to have your sweater dry-cleaned and said sweater now has a sickly-sweet smell to it – not to mention is slightly crunchy now that it’s dry.  Sorry – more information than you wanted, but it was definitely more info than I wanted about little Isaiah and what he’d had for breakfast.  Additional lesson learned – if your child has thrown up the night before as well, don’t take him to church the next morning.

I’ll post the weekly picture later tonight once Travis is up and moving around.  Poor thing – has been drowning himself in Tylenol Cold for the past 2 nights to try to get some relief. Luckily he’s been sleeping on the couch to not infect me or the baby.  I don’t want to get sick like I did right after we found out I was pregnant.  That wasn’t fun.  HOpefully he’ll be back to his old self pretty soon.

First Doctor’s Visit

We went Thursday, February 19th, for our first visit with the doctor.  Almost first thing, they took us into a room to do the sonogram (what is the difference between a sonogram & an ultrasound – are they the same thing?  this is just one of the many questions that I don’t know the answer to) to make sure there really is a baby in there.  See the picture below of the sonogram – perhaps you’ll be able to make out more than we can, but it pretty much looks like a little blob right now.  A blob that is 1.8 cm long and has a fluttering heart right in the center of it.


The doctor was really nice, but it was pretty overwhelming – we got a TON of brochures to read – testing that can be done on the baby, a welcome tea at the hospital to tour the labor/delivery unit, childbirth classes.  We also got asked a lot of questions – the entire medical history of both of us, have I thought about an epidural (yes! please!), who will be delivering the baby.  I got a kick out of this, but our doctor is a huge UGA fan, so he was discussing about how if he is in town he’ll absolutely be there to deliver no matter what, but that it would be football season so we’ll check the schedule to get an idea.  I checked today – and my due date (which he put as September 29th and told me I was 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant) is bookended on both sides by home games – which makes me feel good since Athens is only an hour and a half from Augusta.

I’m feeling pretty good the past couple days – not quite as nauseous as I was for the past week and a half, and not quite as tired either.  By that I mean that I can stay up until 9:15 instead of having to go to bed immediately upon arrival home at 7:30.  Travis has been so sweet – meeting me for lunch, bringing me lunch or dinner at work, and just taking care of everything in general.  He put a deep clean on the house this week and has been making the bed every day – there’s just something nice about pulling the covers back to get into bed at night instead of having them all jumbled up at the bottom of the bed.

Work is going well, and I’m not feeling nearly the stress (and chest pains) I usually feel during tax season which is so surprising to me.  I thought the added knowledge of a baby and everything would stress me out more, but it seems to be putting things into perspective.

We’ll post our next picture of the belly – which I still claim is not really there – on Sunday night hopefully.

Weekly Picture – 8 weeks – February 15, 2009

I wasn’t truly 8 weeks until February 17th, but it’s easier to take the picture on Saturday/Sunday.pregnancy-0111

Weekly Picture – From February 7, 2009 (7 weeks)


We’re joining the world of blogging!

Like everyone else with family and friends scattered about, we thought this would be the best way to keep everyone up-to-date on what is going on in our life…and there’s a lot right now.

Top of the list would be that we are now almost 7 weeks pregnant(caveat – I wrote this post over 2 weeks ago – now we are almost 9 weeks pregnant)! A little over three weeks ago I had a long day at work and was going to come home and have a margarita. Something made me stop and take a pregnancy test before I made the margarita. I will say that I was expecting the same single line that I’ve seen on a couple test I’ve taken since we’ve been married. However, on that night it appeared that there was another faint line. I’d read the box and it said any line no matter how faint meant pregnant. I began calling Travis’s name over and over. He came in, and said he didn’t think so – you could hardly see the line. Needless to say, we both had to know so we made the drive to Publix to purchase a more reliable (in Travis’s eyes) test. This one was the gold standard (read: most expensive) in pregnancy test and the results were digital – “pregnant” or “not pregnant”. Needless to say, when after 2 minutes, it said “pregnant” we both were very excited. We couldn’t stop looking at each other with goofy grins and saying “we’re having a baby”.

So far I’ve been feeling pretty good – I now have an excuse for all the naps I like to take. I also have the nose of a bloodhound. I can smell things a mile away – they aren’t smells that make me sick – it just makes me laugh that I smell these things so strongly. The other day when I got to work I was convinced my office smelled just like syrup. I felt like my friend Jaime, who could not eat pancakes without taking a shower afterwards because she would smell like syrup all day. Turns out – it was some Chickfila sauce left over from the day before in my trashcan. I had to put my trashcan outside my door until the janitors came by that morning. It wasn’t making me sick – it was just so strong I couldn’t focus on anything else.

Travis has been amazing and so fun to watch as this all sinks in to him. If you knew Travis before we got married, you know that it was a favorite past-time of him and whatever roommate he had at the time to see how many cans, bottles, and trash they could accumulate before they cleaned. Well, he has done a complete 180 and is a cleaning machine. Since I’m so tired, he is keeping the house cleaned completely, has cooked some awesome dinners (he is a master at spaghetti), and is generally just treating me like a queen….or maybe he’s trying to treat the baby like a prince/princess.

Our first doctors appointment is in 2 weeks, which is when we’ll first see Baby Cain up close and personal, but we’ll try to update this before then.

And then we knewThe night we found out