Recent Pics of Charlie

Is there anything sweeter?

Santa's Little Elf

Just hanging out with Mama

Getting so big and thinks it's hilarious when we prop him up like this.


Fun Times with Grandma and more

This past Friday, Charlie and I were awake at 8:00 for a feeding when my phone rang and it was Travis’s mom. She was just “letting me know” that she was off work for half a day waiting for a piece of furniture to be delivered. I quickly deduced that was code for “if you will, can I please hang out with Charlie”. It turned out to be a fun couple hours. We loaded right up and went over as soon as the feeding was over. Charlie and his grandma (no idea if this is what she will end up being called, but I just picked a name for now) had a blast playing with each other and I had a wonderful chance to get online and do a few things (namely start the search for a nanny). Here’s some cute pics below of the two of them. It was also the first time Colleen has really seen him where he’s been so sociable. Usually Travis’ parents come see him in the evening or keep him for us in the evening, when he’s a little cranky, tired, and sleepy. I was glad she finally had the opportunity to see the happy version of Charlie in person instead of just in pictures.

On Friday night we also went over to our friends, Jason & Kristen’s house to celebrate Jason’s graduation from nurse anesthesist school. They even invited Charlie, who was so good and sociable to let everybody play with and talk to him.

On Saturday, I had to go in to work for about 6 hours and Travis stayed with Charlie. When I called to check on them, Travis was feeding him but he said he had a problem. I of course got concerned and wanted to know what it was – he asked how do I feed Charlie when he won’t stop smiling and laughing. What a wonderful problem! I of course advised him to just enjoy the smiles at the moment instead of trying to get him to stop.

On Sunday, CHarlie and I made our first trip to church since he was in the womb. He was asleep at first, but then got a little fidgety. Travis ended up having to walk around and stand with him at the back of the room during the sermon, but at least he didn’t cry and interrupt the sermon. I just am not ready to put him back in the nursery just yet. I need a little more time to get used to the idea.

Okay, enough for now. My next post will hopefully be pictures of the house decorated for Christmas. Travis and I worked hard on Sunday afternoon while CHarlie napped and it looks pretty festive now. Hope you are all well and enjoying the Christmas season.

Just Because…

I just love this picture.

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Charlie Goes to the Big City

This past Saturday morning, Charlie and I got up, kissed Travis goodbye and hit the road headed south to possibly my favorite place in the world…Hahira. There’s something special about south Georgia. I start to feel it as soon as I cross below I-16 – the land opens up and you see farms and pine trees and stately homes and even trailers. It just makes me feel relaxed and a sense that life moves slower and there is an appreciation for the past. Below I-16 are the kinds of places where families have lived for generations and will continue to live for many more to come. Hahira itself is a fabulous town – where everybody knows who you are if you just tell them your last name, where there is only one red light, and where your neighbor brings you a plate of whatever they have cooked and have extra. It’s the town where I spent weeks at a time during Christmases, summers, and Spring Breaks during my childhood. It’s where I first learned to drive a car (a stick 1964 Volkswagon beetle on a dirt road) when I was about 10 years old. It’s where I hunted Easter eggs, rode a homemade tire swing, rode ponies, watched many a small town parade, and all the other childhood rites of passage you can think of. It was only fitting that first chance I got, I bring Charlie down to experience it as well.

We spent the weekend hanging out with Granny and Granddaddy and entertaining an endless stream of sweet visitors who all wanted to ooh and aah over my sweet baby. He didn’t disappoint either – and was full of smiles and coos all weekend.

See pictures below:

Welcome to Hahira - we made it! Only took 5 1/2 hours for a 4 hour trip!

Can you tell I'm the new apple of their eye?!? Move over Mama!

Granny - does this 6 month onesie make me look fat?

I like those glasses Granddaddy!

Mama - she's tiny like me!

Uncle Jim - tell me again - did he go camping or to Tampa!?!?

Oh this is nice - thanks for the break from all the people Deena!

Really Mama? All these presents are for me?

Your tree is so pretty Granny!

Look Mama - Daddy really missed me!

2 Month Check Up

Charlie had his 2 month check-up last week, and he was a model baby! He didn’t cry at all (until the shots, that is!). He weighed in at a whopping 13 lbs 9.5 oz (90th percentile) and he was 24 inches long (also 90th percentile). The doctor said he looked very healthy and happy, so we’ll see her again in 4 months. He did have to get some shots, and it’s a good thing Travis went with us to the appointment because Charlie’s mom was traumatized. I had to stand on the other side of the room because I couldn’t watch at all. He turned as red as a tomato and screamed for a good 5 minutes after it was over. I was upset all over again when I took the bandaids off and saw the blood!