Relaxing Outside

It’s been so stinking hot this summer that we haven’t been outside very much, but last night Charlie and I went outside to oversee Daddy blowing off the driveway after he had mowed the grass and we had an impromptu photo shoot while we were there. Charlie is almost 11 months old and has really mastered the walking. He spends a lot of time toting random household objects around with him (a hair dryer, curling iron, cell phone, the tv remote). He has 7 teeth now, but still no real desire to eat big boy food (other than his Puffs and crackers)- I have tried scrambled eggs, honeydew, peaches, strawberries, peas…all to no avail. Hopefully he will not be 4 years old and eating baby food. We are excited about a weekend at home finally and baby Fraser who turned 2 weeks old yesterday is coming to visit with us this afternoon. I can’t wait to see them and show Charlie what a sweet little tiny baby girl looks like.


Hilton Head Part 2

These were all taken inside because we didn’t want to ruin our fancy camera on the beach and my dad forgot the cord to his camera and I couldn’t upload his photos.

Hilton Head Part 1 – in pictures

I was worried, but he has taken to the beach – he doesn’t mind getting sandy (or getting his mama sandy for that matter – I’ve never in my life felt so disgusting and gritty)…and he loves to get out in the ocean and ride the swells.

Toddle – as defined by Charlie

My favorite part is the way he has to have his arms out.

Return to Hahira

Beware, I went a little crazy with the pictures, but Charlie is just at such a cute age right now that I couldn’t narrow it down any further. Two weeks ago a lot happened. Charlie took his first steps (and now two weeks later he is really going to town and can all of a sudden make it about half way across a room now). It’s the weirdest feeling to be ecstatic, proud, and also sad all at the same time. This milestone seems so much bigger than even the other ones that we’ve been through because to me it makes him much more a little boy and much less a baby.

Two weeks ago, Charlie and I also made the trek back down to Hahira to visit his great grandparents again. LONG TRIP…what is normally a long trip (4 hours) took me from 1:50 in the afternoon until 8:15 at night. Now that he’s more awake he does not want to be in the carseat and I had to wrestle him (literally) back into it after each time we stopped for dinner and restroom breaks. He threw a complete fit – which was not a pretty sneak peek into what they terrible two’s might be like one day. Once we were there, he was great – put on his party face for everyone and showed off all his tricks. Granny and Granddaddy enjoyed playing with him and seeing how much he had changed since May. Uncle Jim even came up and cut the mullet for Charlie, who was more fascinated than terrified. He didn’t shed a single tear during the experience…just sat in his bumbo patiently.

We’re having a quiet weekend at home this week, and celebrating our friend Will’s 1st birthday on Saturday. Next weekend we leave for Hilton Head for a week with Nana and Papa – can’t wait to have a full week of relaxing (that may be wishful thinking), and definitely tons of sweet memories.

More Hahira

Trying to make a friend

More bye bye

Sweet Boy

Granny taught me to wave bye bye

Walking and standing on my own now

Happy boy not ready to leave

Charlie and his sweet barber

All that was missing was a hot shave

Granny making sure Uncle Jim cuts it right

Getting ready for his haircut