Hopefully we never see this again..

Hopefully we never see this again..

Charlie loved it when our friend Matt came over and turned on the flashing lights. Have you ever seen someone so happy to be in the back of a state patrol car?


Daddy Time

Daddy Time

This is what Charlie and Travis spend most of their time doing…playing on the new (to us) boat! Charlie says it is his. We are working on sharing with Daddy.



These two are so silly together and spend much of their time laughing at their own inside jokes and crying when we separate them. We love some Sam!

Just for my Amanda…

Amanda challenged me on Facebook last week to a new blog post, and she has already beat me to putting hers up, so here I go.

Charlie is keeping us busy (BUSY!).  He is so much fun and is such a literal child.  This morning since it was cold Travis was walking Charlie downstairs and told him that he was going to wear his jacket today.  Charlie looked him right in the eye and said,  “Silly Daddy, you aren’t wearing your jacket!” 

Bad Parent Award for the Month goes to me:  I have taught my son a slightly bad word, which delights Travis to no end as I have been reminding him to watch what he says since the day Charlie was born.  Anyways, the other night Charlie was standing up to reach something across the table and I told him that he needed to put his “butt” on the chair.  I know…I know…completely my bad…I was in the middle of cooking dinner and wasn’t thinking.  As soon as I said it, I froze, and looked at Charlie who had this curious expression on his face, and then there it came “Butt?…Butt…BUTT!!!” (in repetition).  Travis had to leave the room he was laughing so hard.  I, of course, tried to correct my mistake and said no it’s bottom, but that only made it worse…so I gave up and just decided to ignore it.  We ate dinner that night to Charlie saying “butt..butt…butt” under his breath.  Thankfully, a good night’s sleep seems to have removed that word from his vocabulary, but I’ll be on my toes from now on.

Daddy time:  I think Travis and I have also been waiting almost three years for Charlie to really enjoy Daddy time.  Travis, so that he can be Charlie’s first choice and feel like he’s really helping with the parenting, and me so that I can have some relaxation every so often.  Well, it is finally here and has kicked in full force.  He wants to go with Daddy everywhere, to work, to Lowe’s, to put the boat away, to feed the dog, etc. It really is sweet to see…and like I said…I’m enjoying it too 🙂

In regular non-Charlie news, we are finishing our basement.  We have hired people to do the majority of it, but Travis and I decided to do the trim work (Travis) and painting (me) ourselves.  It just about killed me.  I am feeling my age these days apparently.  And I now believe that painters are worth every penny they are paid, especially those that paint ceilings.  I was covered in paint from head to toe, and I believe there was crying involved at one point over the 4 days I spent 6 hours a day painting.  Travis said he had a bit of a panic attack when he came down and found me like that in the middle of the project…not sure what he was going to do if I quit on him.  I didn’t quit (though I may claim workers comp on him), but I am officially retired from home improvement projects for good now.

We are all headed to Athens this weekend to watch the Dawg play Tennessee and celebrate Charlie’s third birthday.  I can’t believe it’s already been three years since he arrived.  I will say, the Dawgs look much better three years later than they did the weekend he was born and started their downward spiral.

I’ll be back…next time Amanda decides to update her blog.