Latest House Pictures

We went out to the house this weekend, and it’s starting to take shape. They have framed the basement and the first floor. Hopefully they’ll finish framing the second story this week. See the pictures below (and keep scrolling on down for a 22-week pic of me if you haven’t been here in awhile).

May 2009 008

View of basement & 1st floor from the backyard

View of basement & 1st floor from the backyard


22 Weeks Photo

22 Weeks

Drumroll please…

And the verdict is in…we’re having Ryan Reynolds. Just kidding, but come September 29th, we will be welcoming into the world what Travis has started referring to as “Travis Jr.”. No, that is not his name – we haven’t even started really thinking about names until maybe this weekend – it’s just Travis’s humorous way of trying to make me panic. His parents have told me the story of what a little bundle of energy Travis was when he was little.

We’re very excited, and it makes it a little more real to be able to use an actual gender pronoun instead of “it”. One last thing – I think Travis went ahead and ordered the Red Sox onesie while I was out last night – he said it came with a hat. I think we’re in trouble!!!

In Dreams…

I don’t know if it was all the Japanese food I ate last night or the anticipation of finding out the sex of the baby, but I had a dream (or was it a nightmare) last night. We were at the doctor’s office to find out the sex of the baby, when all of a sudden there was a little foot pushing out of my belly. I think this part of the dream comes from my co-worker Angela at work who told me that later on in the pregnancy I will be able to see feet and stuff moving in my belly…I don’t think they way I dreamed it was what she meant. In my dream, the foot stuck up a good 4 inches out of my belly. That has to be technically impossible.

Anyways, after the foot, and not being able to find my mother-in-law anywhere for the sonogram, we started. That was when the doctor said “Oh, no.” That is definitely not what I wanted to hear, even in my dream. Turns out that they had implanted Ryan Reynolds in me (you know those crazy Hollywood people) because he wanted to experience what it was like to be reborn, but he was already growing too big in me. Then everybody kind of left the room and that’s when I started getting mad. I even woke up grinding my teeth and feeling angry.

However, now in the light of day – would it really be so bad if the baby (should it be a boy) turned out looking like Ryan Reynolds? See picture below in case you aren’t an avid US Weekly fan and don’t know who Ryan is.


By the way, Ryan Reynolds is cute, but he’s never been my number one. I think he was in my dream, though, from a movie PREVIEW that I saw on Sunday afternoon for some movie he’s going to be in this summer. How crazy is it that my brain retains such useless facts and then uses them in my dreams!

Okay, enough of the dreams. The doctor’s appointment is at noon today, so Baby Cain shouldn’t be an “it” for much longer.

I almost forgot – more Athens…

While we were in Athens, Travis and I walked around quite a bit remembering places we used to go and seeing what bars/restaurants have come and gone and what has come up new since we were in town. However, some things never change…Athens is one eclectic city, from the cookie cutter kids that we were in our polos, khakis, black dresses, and flip flops to the scene we saw on Saturday night after dinner. We were walking up Broad Street to go get my milkshake from The Grill and Travis stopped to talk to the street hot dog vendor (they’re always friendly like that), who informed us that we were about to be in for a treat if we stopped to watch the show. He said he’d never seen anything like it – and coming from a hot dog vendor who sells on the streets of Athens in the middle of the night, that was something. Set up in the middle of a closed off street was a street fair with a big stage for music acts. This is how the show began…

Athens Concert

This is a man dressed scarily like a woman who was lipsyncing to Beyonce, and being cheered on by a WIDE variety of onlookers from Travis & I on down to the homeless man standing a few feet away from us. This was just the opening act, but it went on like this all night (I could hear the music all the way to our hotel room).

Athens is a strange little town, but I still want Baby C to be able to experience it- there’s nothing like it.

Weekend in Athens

We had a lot of fun in Athens this weekend. Technically, we went to see Erin graduate
Erin Graduating

However, I also went because it sounded so good to eat my way through Athens. However it didn’t turn out exactly how I planned. We did eat at a lot of great places (Bissett’s, Mayflower for breakfast, Last Resort, Little Italy, and even a milkshake from The Grill), but the baby is taking up a lot of room in my tummy and changing my taste buds, so even if it still tasted the same, I got full so fast that I couldn’t eat all of the fabulous food. Back when Mollie and I were interning for KPMG and gaining ourselves about 20 lbs (the equivalent of what a pregnant woman may gain – if she’s one of those unreal little petite women that only gains a basketball – we dreamed of what it would be like when we were pregnant. It was going to be a license to eat and we’d have cookie dough and all kinds of other fun stuff all the time. Real life has proven to be slightly different. Although I will say that I’m glad I don’t want to eat 10 cookies at any given time, it is weird for all your old favorites to taste differently now and for things you didn’t really eat on a regular basis to become your new go-to foods. The good news for my hips is that right now, I am starting to be more hungry all the time, but the things I want are actually pretty good for me. I assume it’s better to eat a whole carton of strawberries or half of a honeydew melon than a whole carton of ice cream or roll of cookie dough.

I know you probably all want to see a pic of the bump because it definitely seems to be getting larger every day. Here’s a head shot of me & Trav from the graduation ( just cause it’s not a bad pic of the two of us) and another one where my mother-in-law tried to pan down and get a bit of the belly – kind of hard to see in my big dress, though.

Trav & Jess TummyTrav & Jess

On our way back to Athens today, we stopped by to check the progress on our house – it’s a big cement hole and not much to look at, but it’s a start.

BasementStart of House